Contact Tracing

This app allows you to understand where you've been in the case you may ever need to conduct contact tracing.

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You have the technology in your pocket. Let's put it to good use.

Problem: You can't remember all the places you've visited in the last 14 days.

Solution: The Contact Tracing app leverages technology to give you the ability to know exactly where you've been and when.

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Contact Tracing

The app used around the world to better understand your location history

Decrease Virus Speed

We provide accurate results with lightning response rate


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Use technology to better understand your surroundings

Global Presence

Our app will be available in all countries so we can maximize the contract tracing results.


Personalize your experience with personal preferences

Secure Data Storage

Data is stored securely and all location data is wiped after 14 Days


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The main objective of this app is to track your possible exposure to the virus and notify you if you've possibly been exposed.

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